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[LEAKED] Top 10 Terrible Things: Emirates Cabin Crew VS Supervisors | EMIRATES 2020

A summary of the worst experiences we had to deal with onboard while working for Emirates. Horrible stories we and other colleague flight attendants faced while dealing with utterly unprofessional Emirates cabin supervisors that didn't know how to do their job.

Watch the video for a Full understanding of the topic below:


00:00 Intro 00:27 Lazy Crew Versus Quick Crew | Unequal Workload 01:39 Backstabbing | Unnecessary Reports by Emirates Supervisors 02:29 Phones on board | Unfair Punishments by Emirates Supervisors 03:26 Emirates Cabin Crew AVOIDING Emirates Supervisors 05:21 Food Breaks | Losing Track of who ate and who didn't 06:02 Suitcase Standards | Being Punished for Stickers or Tape on it 07:45 Suitcase Locks | Why are they so important? Why do Supervisors punish you for having them? 10:24 Mean, Aggressive and bullying Emirates Supervisors 11:47 Being in the Cabin and Smile | Even Without Passengers on board 13:08 Horror Story of a poor Emirates Cabin Crew being harassed and bullied around unjustly by a Purser and Supervisor

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