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Airline CV MasterClass

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Everything starts from your CV: before you go to a job interview, you first have to apply by uploading your CV online. During a Face to Face interview, your CV is discussed upon with a Recruiter. So make sure your CV is Perfect! Your CV determines whether you PASS or FAIL


There are two type of applicants: Ones that keep on hoping and believing in good luck, and

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Courses with an Airline HR Recruiter

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An Emirates HR Recruiter will teach you strategies to successfully pass a Cabin Crew Interview 

with ANY Airline in the World (Industry Standard HR Methods)




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CV - Maximize your success with the Correct CV

Digital Interview - List of over 20 Digital Interview questions and our HR Recruiter will provide key strategies to Pass

Assessment Day - Pass all the Group Exercises with the correct Strategies

Interview Simulation - Practice with 2 Cabin Crew Coaches (Monika&Orlando). 2+ hours of Live-Assessment Day Simulation

Final Interview - 1 on 1 Final Interview completely Explained by an Experienced Airline Recruiter

Q&As - Ask anything to our Airline HR recruiter, she'll provide the answers to your doubts

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Nataliia Lushkina

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Final Interview Webinar


It was actually great and I want to thank you for what you are doing! There were some problems with the sound, but I have to admit that you did your best to fix it. So I'm pretty much satisfied with the webinar. Thanks!
P.S. Is it possible to watch the discussion of group-tasks that you mentioned? I unfortunately missed it, but would be glad to learn more.

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This webinar is extremely helpful for people who don't know what to expect from the assessment day or for people who failed some of the activity. There is no other way how to get in touch with Emirates recruiter so I definitely recommend to participate! Even if I made it to the Final interview (at Emirates and also at Qatar Airways) for the first time, I attended this webinar and I gained new experience which I can definitely use not only at the airlines interviews. Thank you guys for all the things you do and the way you do it. Keep going!
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Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

It has been a really enjoyable experience. You could tell the recruiter knew what she was talking about. I totally recommend to everyone to attend one of this webinar it will give more understanding or what the recruiters are looking for and have more chances to get the job consequentially.
It would be lovely if we had more time for role play :)
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It was my first webinar and I must say that I really loved it. Really. So happy with the content. I'm looking forward to participating in an Open Day and Final Interview webinar. Pleaseeee, do it soon hahah

For me, the best best part was the examples, like the video, and the group exercises. When she is explaining, it's great, but when you see the hypothecal situation, you can understand better the "do" and the "don't" that she previously talked about, and then, it's easier for you too put yourself in the situation. 

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I think these webinar sessions are very fruitful and informative, you can get a lot of out of it! When I was told that these webinars have an actual recruiter from Emirates presenting, giving you all the insiders tips and tricks I just couldn't believe it, I mean where else would you find information from someone whose "actually been there and done that?!!!" Thank you so much Orlando & Monika, you get my green signal for continuing on with your services for future "wannabees'".

Radek Nemec

Simone Colombani

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Larissa Gonçalves

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Angad Paul

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Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

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Emirates MasterClass

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Discover the #1 thing you need to know for winning the Emirates Interview... and how to easily outperform other candidates

Learn WishCasting's easy step process for building a good CV, confidence and strategy to win the recruiter, score points and get the job

Learn how to behave in an emergency scenario or stressful situation by always keeping your calm. WishCasting's videos & tutorials will help you achieve maximum performance, enabling you to succeed in every field

Emirates Wannabees Group

A place where Cabin Crew Wannabees meet REAL Emirates Employees and help each other!

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