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Airline CV MasterClass

You don't need an expert and over 200 $ to create a Top Professional CV!

Invest in yourself, give yourself the Correct Tools and you'll always get shortlisted to any Job Interview!


2 ATS CV Templates: professionally crafted, easy to fill in by yourself. Easy drag and drop feature to add/remove icons and graphic elements. Change your text, colors, timeline elements & more


With over 100 lessons, quizzes, tutorials, explanations and checklists to follow together, you'll confidently be able to create the best CV possible and beat all the rest of the competition. Watch the video below:


Everything starts from your CV: before you go to a job interview, you first have to apply by uploading your CV online. During a Face to Face interview, your CV is discussed upon with a Recruiter. So make sure your CV is Perfect! Your CV determines whether you PASS or FAIL


There are two type of applicants: Ones that keep on hoping and believing in good luck, and

those who invest in a good & reliable CV knowing that they deserve to PASS. Which one are you?

Learn Fast & Use our Easy-Edit Templates,

It's easy to be the Best of the Best

Follow our easy-to-follow secret steps

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Courses with an Airline HR Recruiter

+    FREE      presentation

file included


An Emirates HR Recruiter will teach you strategies to successfully pass a Cabin Crew Interview 

with ANY Airline in the World (Industry Standard HR Methods)




Top Rated

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CV - Maximize your success with the Correct CV

Digital Interview - List of over 20 Digital Interview questions and our HR Recruiter will provide key strategies to Pass

Assessment Day - Pass all the Group Exercises with the correct Strategies

Interview Simulation - Practice with 2 Cabin Crew Coaches (Monika&Orlando). 2+ hours of Live-Assessment Day Simulation

Final Interview - 1 on 1 Final Interview completely Explained by an Experienced Airline Recruiter

Q&As - Ask anything to our Airline HR recruiter, she'll provide the answers to your doubts

Extra Discounts if you're a Patron


Nataliia Lushkina

  • Instagram

Final Interview Webinar


It was actually great and I want to thank you for what you are doing! There were some problems with the sound, but I have to admit that you did your best to fix it. So I'm pretty much satisfied with the webinar. Thanks!
P.S. Is it possible to watch the discussion of group-tasks that you mentioned? I unfortunately missed it, but would be glad to learn more.

  • Instagram

This webinar is extremely helpful for people who don't know what to expect from the assessment day or for people who failed some of the activity. There is no other way how to get in touch with Emirates recruiter so I definitely recommend to participate! Even if I made it to the Final interview (at Emirates and also at Qatar Airways) for the first time, I attended this webinar and I gained new experience which I can definitely use not only at the airlines interviews. Thank you guys for all the things you do and the way you do it. Keep going!
  • Instagram

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

It has been a really enjoyable experience. You could tell the recruiter knew what she was talking about. I totally recommend to everyone to attend one of this webinar it will give more understanding or what the recruiters are looking for and have more chances to get the job consequentially.
It would be lovely if we had more time for role play :)
  • Instagram

It was my first webinar and I must say that I really loved it. Really. So happy with the content. I'm looking forward to participating in an Open Day and Final Interview webinar. Pleaseeee, do it soon hahah

For me, the best best part was the examples, like the video, and the group exercises. When she is explaining, it's great, but when you see the hypothecal situation, you can understand better the "do" and the "don't" that she previously talked about, and then, it's easier for you too put yourself in the situation. 

  • Facebook

I think these webinar sessions are very fruitful and informative, you can get a lot of out of it! When I was told that these webinars have an actual recruiter from Emirates presenting, giving you all the insiders tips and tricks I just couldn't believe it, I mean where else would you find information from someone whose "actually been there and done that?!!!" Thank you so much Orlando & Monika, you get my green signal for continuing on with your services for future "wannabees'".

Radek Nemec

Simone Colombani

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Larissa Gonçalves

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Angad Paul

Courses Testimonials:

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Want to know what people are saying about our Courses?

Emirates MasterClass

Powerful Training Videos & Aviation Industry updates completely FREE


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Discover the #1 thing you need to know for winning the Emirates Interview... and how to easily outperform other candidates

Learn WishCasting's easy step process for building a good CV, confidence and strategy to win the recruiter, score points and get the job

Learn how to behave in an emergency scenario or stressful situation by always keeping your calm. WishCasting's videos & tutorials will help you achieve maximum performance, enabling you to succeed in every field

Emirates Wannabees Group

A place where Cabin Crew Wannabees meet REAL Emirates Employees and help each other!

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Fast track your Career by getting in touch with 70+ Emirates Cabin Crew (Economy, Business Class, First Class, Supervisors & Pursers) to gain more knowledge

Discover the latest Aviation industry news & interesting topics, including latest trends with the Emirates Airline

Write & Read experiences from other Emirates Wannabees to avoid same mistakes and trends that keep you out of Emirates and FAIL you at the Interview

Consult our database for CV samples, grooming guidelines, Emirates pre-screening documents and much more! All totally FREE and ready to be yours!


Advanced Student Experience

Join our exclusive private Online Class! Only for Patrons! Starting from 2$ per month!


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Discounts on ALL of our Webinars (from 5% to 50% depending on Tier)

Free Live-Assessment Day Simulations (completely hosted live online)

Exclusive Access to Confidential Information, not available anywhere else, directly from Emirates Official Sources

Priority on your Questions​, answered ASAP

Exclusive Access to secret videos (not on YouTube, Facebook or anywhere else)​

Early Access to YouTube videos, completely AdFree

Exclusive Access to the secret Emirates Lounge on private Discord servers

Live Text Chat, Voice Calls & Video Calls

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Master an Airline Interview with us !

Know the Steps, Secrets & Shortcuts to Success. Learn & Receive Feedback Live from our Coaches




We collect your money and use it to buy professional CVs, Cover Letters, Icon Packs, Study Material and hire experts when needed. We then redistribute such documents and goodies to YOU, our students.

You can't buy anything with 2$. With us, you can.



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Founder & Director @elite_cabin_crew



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Emirates Wannabees

Facebook Group



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Cross Qualified

Emirates Cabin Crew

A380/B777 Fleet


Emirates Wannabees

Facebook Group


MEET THE TEAM is an online community for Travelers & Airline Enthusiasts, founded in 2017 by Orlando @wishcasting.

It's an education and community platform, where Real Emirates Cabin Crew and aspiring Emirates Cabin Crew connect and help each other.

Less than 1% of applicants pass the Emirates Interview, and recruiters NEVER share feedback, making it extremely difficult to pass.

Our success is determined by our link with Real Emirates Employees. Helping Aspiring Crew members gather invaluable feedback and knowledge, to successfully pass every step of the Emirates Interview.

We've successfully helped over 70+ individuals join the Emirates Airline and have received overwhelming accreditation for their Success. See below some of our Testimonials.



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Co-Founder @WishCasting



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Co-Founder & Director @WishCasting


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Emirates Wannabees

Facebook Group


Emirates Wannabees

Facebook Group


What are others saying About Us?

Check our Advanced Strategies out for Mastering the Emirates Interview

The Emirates MasterClass

A Guide to Best Success for Joining Emirates

How To Dominate the Group Exercise #1

Learn How To Pass the Hardest Challenge

"Our resources, if followed correctly, will help you build confidence, charisma, self-esteem, a more relaxed attitude towards stressful situations, improve your fluency in English and boost your overall performance at an Emirates Interview.

Not only we reveal every little detail and secret to pass the SUPER HARD Emirates interview (less than 1% of candidates pass it), but we reveal the TRUE life of an Emirates cabin crew, struggles and accomplishments you will be facing too!

We hand you over every necessary information, so you already know what to expect before joining.

Our guides will show you how to join in the quickest, easiest and coolest way possible!

Orlando @WishCasting, Co-Founder of

Emirates Cabin Crew Experience

On board the Emirates Airbus A380


Orlando & Zdenka,

Emirates Airline Experts


What to wear for  your Emirates Interview?

Follow the Emirates Standards


Emirates Makeup & Beauty

  • Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, etc

  • Day & Night cream, anti-aging

  • Quick-fix moisturizers

  • Classic Emirates parfumes

Emirates Apparel

& Essentials

  • Cabin bags, suitcases

  • Clothes organizers, weight scale

  • Cabin Crew accessories (tags, ID lanyards, etc)

Click here for the Grooming Guide

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Here's What Our Students Are Saying About WishCasting

"I mainly owe my thanks to the Wishcasting team if I got the job in the Emirates Airline. The attention to details their video tutorials is unparalleled. I couldn’t find anything that gave me that level of information on the company and its recruitment process. Orlando, with his five years of experience as Cabin Crew, is helping everyone striving to get the job. He built an ecosystem of resources that no one did before: the Youtube channel perfectly blends with the Facebook group "Emirates Wannabees", where people share their experiences of several open days across the globe. But WishCasting isn't just this, it has a travel guide section where to find a plethora of tips and information for various destinations. I specifically watched the Dubai travel guides to get to know the must visit places in the city. All of this wouldn’t have been so effective, if it hadn't been for Orlando’s charisma and humour!"


Emanuele Lizzi

Joined the Emirates Airline on 04/07/19

"Really nice group with many activities ( mentoring , Telegram group and YouTube videos) where people can receive all the help they need from experienced Emirates Cabin Crew or from Orlando , which is an available person that helps you in whatever you need . Even correcting and drafting emails to Emirates 🤣.. I highly suggest joining this group and being active, as you can learn many things: How to be successful and more. You also meet really interesting people :)"

Anna Maria Dammiani

Joined the Emirates Airline on 29/11/19


" When I started my research for passing the Emirates interview, the first thing I came across on YouTube was the WishCasting Emirates MasterClass. I watched every single video of the MasterClass. Orlando even helped me by giving me advice on the pictures needed to hand over to the Emirates HR before joining. He made such a difference for me because his advice kept me confident. That’s the key, you gotta believe in yourself, believe that you can do it! 

I’ll be grateful forever and ever for this. I'm so happy I watched the Emirates MasterClass because there is literally everything you need to know and prepare for the recruitment process and for being successful. 

I love the Channel I became a big fan!!!! "



OD: 20/10/2019 AD: 26/10/2019 FI: 31/10/2019 GC: 12/11/2019 DOJ: 04/12/2019 

Viviane Carvalho

Joined the Emirates Airline on 04/12/19


" When I started my research after getting invited for the AD I came across the WishCasting YouTube channel. I owe my sincere thanks to Orlando: his guidance, support and detailed information gave me so much confidence to ace the AD and FI.

I’ll always be grateful and wish the best to the WishCasting team for supporting all the candidates who want to be a Cabin Crew. I will always remember the WishCasting team and specially Orlando for the confidence his videos gave me. "


AD: 04/11/2019 FI: 06/11/2019 GC: 21/11/2019 DOJ: 15/12/2019 

Arsalan Aftab

Joined the Emirates Airline on 15/12/19

" I’m so glad I found the wish-casting team! I honestly know that, if I hadn’t found the Facebook group and further on, the YouTube videos, I wouldn’t have been half as prepared and probably wouldn’t have made it. Such clear advice and the fact that they created a community on Facebook is just so useful, getting to know other open day experiences and preparing off of them for my open day was so important. The YouTube videos also give such clear and important information. For example about behavior at the open day which really helped me practice and further on succeed when I went. I felt more confident as I knew what to expect and how to react and therefore my nerves were much less tense compared to the people around me. Thank you very much for your help and keep it up! "


AD: 07/10/2019 FI: 16/10/2019 IC: 07/2019 JFIP: 09/12/2019 GC: 10/12/2019 DOJ: 16/01/2020 

Kristina Zammit

Joined the Emirates Airline on 16/01/20


" As I waited for my Open day to arrive, I was nervous and stressed from time to time and didn’t really know what to expect and in what direction to think. As I stumbled upon the Wishcasting Emirates MasterClass on youtube I was amazed. From videos to real talk, this was a whole community! I watched all the videos and passed my open day as well as my Final Interview. The thing that got to me the most is Orlando’s way of giving us advice but also confidence that we can all do it if we believe in ourselves. It was the way of thinking that he taught me from strategy to response, I learned a lot in just a few videos! I will forever be grateful for that and I hope this community grows and gives advice to current and future crew, everyone benefits from that. As I finally got my Golden call really fast, I am now mentally preparing for the adventure that is about to begin!​ "


AD: 06/11/2019 FI: 13/11/2019 GC: 01/12/2019 DOJ: 10/01/2020

Iva Jurisic

Joined the Emirates Airline on 10/01/20

Marina Araujo

Your videos helped a lot! I am deeply thankful for all the advice. I felt way more confident during my AD and FI.


Enzo Gabriel

Without Wishcasting and its members, I would have stopped thinking about trying a long time ago.

Niotta Nilsson

The information and resources we have access to is priceless. Not to mention that we get information straight from current, and ex cabin crew as well.

Without a doubt all of your videos have been extremely helpful, very into detail and you can tell the amount of time you've put in them. Would honestly recommend the masterclass to anyone attempting to join Emirates.

Caleb Burkhalter

This group is great because it connects us all and we can help each other. The videos are fantastic and they help to understand things better. Thank you guys for doing what you do!


Orlando & Zdenka,

Emirates Airline Experts


Want to Pass the Emirates Interview? Connect with us!

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