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Discover what's wrong with your application by learning from our Airline Recruiter

 Our HR Recruiter Specialist

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1st STEP - CV

Maximize your success with the Correct CV:

  • How to improve your Performance with an ATS Scanner (do's & do'nts) + Pass the Recruiter CV check

  • Grooming, Attendance, Etiquette & Body Language

  • Picture Guidelines (correct Posture & Background)


Duration: 1,30 hours

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2nd STEP - Digital Interview

We'll provide a list of over 20 Digital Interview questions and our HR Recruiter will provide key strategies to Pass the Interview:

  • Digital Interview Simulation with the Recruiter + Feedback

  • Why are certain questions asked and the reason behind them

  • Clear examples provided by the Recruiter of RIGHT answers


Duration: 1,30 hours

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3d STEP - Assessment Day

Pass all the Group Exercises with the correct Strategies:

  • What is the Recruiter looking for in each activity

  • What type of Body Language you need to have to Pass

  • The ABSOLUTELY TO AVOID behaviors during an Interview

  • How to improve your Performance during Group Exercises


Duration: 1,30 hours

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Duration: 2+ hours

4th STEP - Group Exercises

Now it's time to Practice with 2 Cabin Crew Coaches (Monika&Orlando). 2+ hours of Live-Assessment Day Simulation:

  • Training on Group Exercises #1, #2, #3, #4 (with Most Recent updated exercises used by Airline Recruiters on Interviews)

  • Test your Stress, Body Language, Correct Behavior, Time Management & more

  • Learn all the Shortcuts + Tips + Strategies needed to pass

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5th STEP - Final Interview

1-on-1 Final Interview completely Explained by an Experienced Airline Recruiter:

  • How are you supposed to answer (and fully satisfy) each question?

  • What skillset(s) do you need to pass the final interview?

  • The perfect answers with examples from the recruiter


Duration: 1,30 hours

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6th STEP - Ask the Recruiter

Ask anything to our Airline HR recruiter, she'll provide the answers to your doubts:

  • Recruiters Never give you any Feedback. This is your turn to understand what went wrong on your personal experiences (CV rejection, Group Exercises, Final Interview, etc)


Duration: 45 minutes

Interview Success

Changing lives by helping people achieve their Dreams...

Everyone should have a chance at doing just that!

  Zdenka & Orlando @wishcasting

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Course Reviews

What are people saying about our Courses?

Raychelle Rosales

  • Instagram

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

The webinar was very informative. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you so much Ms. Monika, Ms. Mirna and Mr. Orlando. 

  • Facebook

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Lovely! Especially I could feel the mirna is try as hard as possible to answer all the questions.

  • Facebook

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

The first 2 parts I found very vague as in you can find this info online. She could explain the point system like mentioned in Orlandos video however the role play part was very detailed
  • Facebook

Final Interview Webinar


The seminars have been very helpful! The knowledge of the three of you is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us!
  • Facebook

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

I really enjoyed the webinar where I have come to know about my weaknesses along with the solutions. this will help me to improve my skills and increase the chances to be selected on the assessment day.

Ravi Kumar

Rachel Kim

Daphne Verbeek

Edson Rocha

Aleksandra Jozwiak

  • Instagram

Final Interview Webinar


Everything was really helpful !
  • Instagram

Final Interview Webinar


I simply can't fault any aspect of this webinar. The topics, timing, speed, explanation of each topic is spot on. I have learnt a lot from this webinar and can't wait for the next one. Thank you Wishcasting and Emirates Wannabees for this opportunity.
  • Instagram

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

I loved everything about this experience. Starting with the assistance given prior to the webinar. The webinar itself was outstanding. You all really went the extra mile: Mirna answered all our questions, even if the time was up. She kept checking to see if what she was explaining was understood. Mirna even did an unexpected live group exercise with us. Orlando and Monika were very professional, answering questions during the webinar and making sure the quality of the slides and audio were excellent.  I would really like to attend all of your upcoming webinars. 

  • Facebook

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

The webinar was really helpful to clarify  some points of the Assessment Day. Many of the subjects mentioned in the presentation can be found in other files or videos, but it is totally different to learn from the perspective of a recruiter. The dynamics and format of the presentation were incredible, I loved the examples and the opportunity to simulate exercises and have feedback from Mirna. I definitely intend to participate in the next sessions and I know that this will help me feel more prepared for my next opportunity with EK.

  • Facebook

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

The Assessment day Webinar was really good. It felt like Mirna actually cared about us in this one. she covered everything in this webinar. I honestly felt like in the previous final interview Webinar there wasn't enough time given as compared to what the price was. but this one was really good, Enough time and affordable. <3 You guys should keep it that way <3 So honestly, I loved this one. Lots of love to Mirna and to Wishcasting and Elite Cabin crew for giving us this platform. 

Munnazza Khan

Sergio Sacco

Enzo Gabriel

Jessica Silva
  • Instagram

Final Interview Webinar


Everything was great :)
  • Instagram

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

Thanks for great webinar!

Niki Dudas

Ivanna Kasianchyk

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