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Aviation HACKS | Top 10 BENEFITS for Flight attendants & Cabin Crew [EXPLAINER]

Before becoming a Flight attendant, you should absolutely know what amazing benefits come your way when you start this career.

On this episode we're listing some juicy aviation hacks only Cabin Crew get to experience.

If you have better benefits in your company, PLEASE pretty PLEASE list them in the comment section! We're super curious!!


Watch the video for a Full understanding of the topic below:


00:00 Intro 00:41 Secret Areas of the Aircraft you get access to if you're a Cabin Crew 01:23 Access to the Cockpit of the Aircraft if you're an operating Flight Attendant 02:24 How to unlock locked toilet doors on the Aircraft 02:54 International cuisine you get to taste and savor on international flights 04:14 Chance for Cabin Crew to interact and ask questions to operating pilots (ask questions to learn all about a pilot career) 04:59 Discounts for Cabin Crew all over the world, in malls, attractions, restaurants, etc

05:36 Flight attendants get up to 40% discount at Staff Duty-Free shops 06:35 Flights at Discounted rates, up to 90% OFF, or FREE !! 07:41 Luxury Resorts and Hotels, Cabin Crew - Flight attendants stay at 09:04 Have a side hustle while working with your Airline, don't just be a Cabin Crew ! 09:40 Buy things online in the USA and ship them to your hotel. You'll save tons of money this way ! (we bought all our camera gear like this) 10:22 How to take your Cabin Crew salary to the next level with Duty Free Sales !!!

Create a Flight Attendant CV here:

Learn directly from an Emirates Recruiter manager here:

Have a good day fellow Wannabees & Wishcasters


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