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VISIT DUBAI 2019 | AVOID TROUBLE UAE: Myths, dos and don'ts, SECRET locations

MIDDLE EAST?! What do I wear?! Can I drink on my flight? Is it safe?! Before going watch this video! Get rid of all that stress!

Follow our 4th episode " VISIT DUBAI 2019 | AVOID TROUBLE UAE: Myths, dos and don'ts, SECRET locations 4/4 "

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Today's topics:

1) Our favorite dining spots with best views in Dubai!

2) The best viewing spot for landings of HUGE emirates aircrafts

3) How to visit the Emirates airline Head Quarters for FREE

4) We'll bust some Dubai myths (alcohol, parties and dress code myths) and talk about the dark side of Dubai.

5) Interesting facts and perks of living in Dubai, if it's safe or not and much more!


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Dining on a budget

1)Ewaan the Palace

2)Kempinski Hotel & Residences Palm Jumeirah

3)Fairmont the Palm

4)FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel | Luxury Hotel & Resort on Palm Jumeirah

One of the things we recommend doing is going to Hatta!

Dubai has mountains! They're 134 kilometers away from the city. One of our most popular videos is the guide to Hatta! Check it out here:

The Emirates airline headquarters! Located at the Emirates Metro Station and you can access it totally for free! Your access is restricted to the 2nd level only.

You can also go to the ground level and around the building. Here you'll find the crew after their shifts waiting for their buses.

Let's bust some myths now:

1) I saw on the news a lady got arrested in Dubai cause intoxicated from on-board flight alcohol. Is that true?

Absolutely false. The lady got arrested cause she got drunk and got into an argument with a TSA custom agent. She took her phone out and started recording. Don’t use your phone at airport customs!

2)Are there any terrorists in Dubai? Is it safe?

Dubai is the safest city in the world. To enter as a tourist you need a visa stamp, and to work you need a stamp too. Everyone in Dubai has been screened and is allowed to be there. You’re far safer here than in Europe since immigration is controlled

3)Is it true that alcohol isn’t allowed in Dubai?

False, there’s more alcohol consumed in Dubai than in many other European countries. It’s just more expensive.

4)Is it true I go to jail if I hold my partners hand or kiss?

False, if you’re not from Dubai there is tolerance towards who doesn’t know. Kissing in public isn’t okay but quickly and discreetly should be fine.

5)Is it true I can’t wear any revealing clothes? Can I go to jail?

We’ve seen more undressed ladies in Dubai than in all the places we’ve been to in Europe, Americas or Asia. Just don’t go dressed inappropriately, in inappropriate places.

6)Is there any prostitution in Dubai?

Yes. You’ll find most of it in fancy clubs or near fancy hotels

7)Is it true that workers in Dubai are like slaves?

Workers in Dubai come from poorer countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal) and will accept low wages, terrible working conditions, no days off and confiscation of their passport.

DOs and DON’Ts, WHEN and AFTER you land:

If you have more than 1 passport, use the same you entered Dubai to exit Dubai

Don’t use your phone at the TSA security checkpoints

Taximeters in taxis start from 1.2 EUR and have a minimum fare of 2.9 EUR. Taxis departing from the airport start from 6 EUR fare

Subway is closed from 00:00 to 5:00 AM

If you rent a car, use shopping malls as your FREE parking. They’re close to all the Points of Interest in Dubai.

If you dine somewhere, ask if valet parking is available. It might be included in the price

DON’T pee or poo in bushes or behind trees, if reported you could be thrown out of the country and banned or fined.

Use the internet in shopping malls, it’s free. No need to buy a sim card since there are hundreds of shopping malls around.

Change your money into Dirhams at the exchange points in shopping malls, it’s safe and there are several to choose from.

If you’re importing alcohol, 4 litres is your limit. We recommend importing it if you plan to drink at home.

Buy tobacco from the airport when you leave Dubai. Prices are much much cheaper.

Get insurance before you come to Dubai, hospitals and clinics are super expensive.



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