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Exploring the ISLE OF WIGHT !

Updated: May 18, 2018

We happened to go to the #IsleofWight thanks to an invitation to a wedding by a beautiful couple, Nicky and Ian who live near Oxford but have a house on the Island. We thought to ourselves "why don't we go and visit something else since the wedding will take just one day!", so off we started studying where and what to do. Zdenka (my girlfriend) came across the idea of going to an old place she's been to long time ago and that left her really good memories, the "Garlic Farm". We added that to our list but I had no idea what was coming. Added to our to-do list was also a stroll through the green landscape down to the seaside, to see the water tide come all the way to our feet and retreating on the next day leaving all the sand bed dry. A very interesting phenomenon if you've never seen it. It's natural and dramatic at the same time since it changes the landscape radically. You can take 2 completely different pictures of the same place with a completely different landscape. Before getting to the Island we stopped at a pub just next to the port: The Dancing Man Brewery, a warm and cosy two decked pub, perfect for getting drunk I'd say! Location: Wool House, Town Quay, Southampton SO14 2AR, United Kingdom The means of transportation to the Island are either by standard ferry: Red FunnelFerries or by Hovercraft. The difference is the ferry is slower but cheaper but it's the only way for you to carry your car there. Since we rented a car we had to go by ferry. It was short anyways. We found a really cheap and beautiful guest house for our stay, the Appley manor: an ex-victorian residence turned into a bed and breakfast. The Island is very green, very natural and very cosy. There are many sheep around and to tell you the truth, when I first flew my drone over the area we were in, I scared them so much they all ran off and never looked back. Must've scared them real bad! Sorry for that! The Garlic farm was outstanding, we had a taste tour of the garlic grown in the farm, the garlic olive oil, garlic and onion chutneys and mayonnaise. Finally what we tasted in the farm we bought at the market. Prices were decent but definitely not cheap. The Garlic Farm has garlic ice cream and garlic beer! Something you gotta try! Garlic Farm, location: Mersley Ln, Newchurch, Sandown PO36 0NR, UK Last but not least, what we came for, the wedding! We went to the gorgeous colorful Yacht Club, location: Esplanade, Seaview PO34 5HB, UK where celebrations to the new married couple were duly done, up to the point nobody could remember who got married. Ahah! Let's not exaggerate come on! The Seaview Yacht Club is one of the cosiest buildings i've ever seen by the sea. Blue and white stripes give me the feeling of it being stuck in the past. Mostly made out of wood and bricks, it truly is remarkably beautiful. Watch the Video! I hope you enjoy it! Follow us here: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: My Website:



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