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EXPLORING DUBAI ON A BUDGET 3/4 | Spend LESS: Desert Safari, Fairmont The Palm, Atlantis

We found 2 deal breakers: Free access to Fairmont The Palm 5 Star beach resort, 50% OFF on Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark and up to 50% OFF on Desert Safari

We also provide guidelines on how to do your own PRIVATE Desert Safari so you don't get stuck in the dunes and have an amazing time!

Enjoy the video and hope you have some memorable holidays!

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Find out what Orlando discovers in this episode "FREE ENTRY?! DUBAI ON A BUDGET | Desert Safari, Fairmont The Palm, Atlantis (EPISODE 3/4)" :

1) Private Desert Safari with friends in Desert Wadi 1

2) Organized Desert Safari with discounts up to 50% off

3) Fairmont the palm 5 star Beach Resort, we found out how to get a free entry there

4)Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, we found for you discounts that go up to 50% OFF

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Merengue de Limon - Quincas Moreira

Entire - Quincas Moreira

Sahara Rains - Hanu Dixit

Djinn - Francis Preve

Swinging With The Sultan - Doug Maxwell

Faith - Vibe Tracks

Marlboro Lite - Spazz Cardigan

Arpeggisynth - Geographer

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We hope you have an amazing time!

Thank you for your support!

Orlando & Zdenka


►More information:

1)Planning your own PRIVATE Desert Safari is the best thing ever. Cheap and unique. We recommend going to Desert Wadi 1 and explore from there. Another area we recommend is Al Qudra Lakes: artificial lakes in the desert where plenty of locals and non-locals go for some camping and relax

2)Head out with an ORGANIZED Desert Safari by looking it up on, which is the best portal for any offers in Dubai.

When it gets down to Safaris, you get what you pay for.

The more you pay the better the Safari is:

If you’re visiting for your first time we recommend “Arabian Adventures”. It’s more expensive (AED395) but lets you do everything FREE, it has an incredible offer of Unlimited free beer and wine and has many more activities comparing to the lower priced Safaris. Activities are well organized, plenty of camels, sandboards, shishas, food so you never have to wait or queue

If you need something cheap, there are plenty of cheap Desert Safaris, just KEEP AT MIND that while you're at the oasis, you should always ask how much the activity costs before doing it. They first let you do the activity and then rip you off. It can really ruin your experience. We recommend setting a budget of 150 AED to have a decent Low Cost Desert Safari

3)Fairmont The Palm is a five-star hotel located on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel is located on world’s largest man-made island shaped in the form of a palm tree

Follow the bullet points to have FREE beach and pool access:

-Purchase the voucher to Flow Kitchen in Fairmont The Palm from for 129 AED (includes unlimited drinks and food)

-Make a reservation with Flow Kitchen on the date you want and ensure you ask for OUTDOOR seating

-If you arrive by car, use the FREE Valet Parking and remember to stamp the Valet Ticket as soon as you get to the reception. DON’T lose it or you’ll pay around 30 Euros fine

-Once you’re done with your buffet meal, go for a walk by the beach and make sure you packed your swimsuit!

-Enjoy the beach!

PS: We recommend paying not sneaking through. Just to be relaxed without a guilty conscience.

4)Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

There are plenty of discounts if you research:

1) From the 14th of September till the 18th of October you get a 40% off always. It's called Splash Sale.

2) If you have an American Express you get an automatic 20% off on everything

3) If you're a UAE resident you get an instant 40% off

4) If you're an Emirates skyward member you get benefits, no matter what grade you are. Any skyward member can take their kids free of charge. Kids also eat free and you get discounts pretty much on everything. Enroll here

The best and recommended way to enjoy a great experience at Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark is the following:

-Book your stay directly with the 5 star Atlantis Hotel. If you're an Emirates skyward member you get a discounted room and the waterpark is FREE. The room rate is 230 Euro per night, apply the 15% Emirates skywards discount and it becomes 196 Euro. You get a free entry to the waterpark worth 70 Euro. And your kids eat free everywhere!

Extra tip:

Book 1 night for free access to the waterpark and experience the luxury of the Palm’s signature 5 star hotel in a CHEAP way. Once you’ve had your amazing stay move to a cheaper hotel elsewhere.

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