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Explore Bavarian Fairy Tale Places!

When we got 5 days off from work we've decided to explore Bavaria. The Neuschwanstein castle was on our must-see-sights list so that was our primary goal and first stop. Little did we know that in this area we'd discover other beautiful castles and such a pristine nature.

In order to get to the area near Neuschwanstein we rented a car on and drove down from Munich to Camping Brunnen. A peaceful and well-equipped camping site where we pitched our tent. From there it was super easy to reach the castle by bike or by car.

Except visiting the castle you can explore the nearby towns and delight your palate with traditional Bavarian meals. Or you can just simply roam around, enjoy the silent beauty of the lake, sounds of the cows or the sight of the magnificent Alps. Check out the pictures and there will be no need of convincing for a visit.

If you feel like relaxing I recommend visiting a local thermal bath, pools and sauna complex. Except of relaxation of your body, you can please your mind with beautiful views of the mountains. Just a small tip, carry your own towel otherwise you will end up renting one.

And because we are minigolf lovers, we couldn't miss out on playing a game :D We had a lot of fun and as always the view was stunning.

Price is very fair and the play is unlimited.

On our 4th day we drove to Linderhof Palace. As Neuschwanstein this palace was built by King Ludwing II. But what is completely different from Neuschwanstein is its location and surrounding landscape. You will get a totally different experience from the previous castle. I definitely recommend taking your time and coming down to see this palace as well. The only thing you'll be paying is the guided tour of the palace. Visiting the gardens is totally free and a must.

Feel free to watch the video for an in depth guide to details, prices, itineraries and reviews.

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Sources to our information are part of our own personal experience, some taken from Wikipedia and others from official sites




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