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Enjoy Art Differently - Van Gogh Alive

You don't get to hear from your friends about art exhibitions in Dubai very often. But this one wasn't a classic museum style exhibition so it reached our ears. Because we love Vincent Van Gogh's paintings and the recent animated film "Loving Vincent", we had to go and see for ourselves.

About Dubai Desing District (DDD)

This exhibition took place in DDD, an opportunity to discover a part of Dubai we haven't stepped in in 4 years living in Dubai. I was pleasantly surprised by many things, there's much going on in the streets and by stylish cafes and restaurants.

About the exhibition

Entrance fee: 70 Dhs

At the beginning there was an introduction about Vincent Van Gogh and his life story. Some examples of his work and also an explanation of the unique technology with which his paintings were being projected.

SENSORY4™ technology:

Developed by Grande Exhibitions, the SENSORY4™ exhibition experience innovates beyond traditional forms of engaging an audience, using sound and video in a whole new media format. Regarded as one of the most exciting walk-through multiscreen environments in the world, the SENSORY4™ system projects huge crystal clear images onto an array of screen geometry configured to your space.

Vincent's Bedroom in Arles

There is also a demonstration of Gogh's room which was depicted on his famous paintings and sketches. You can enter this room and take cool pictures.

The next and the most important part of this exhibition is a huge room full of massive screens projecting his paintings and detailed parts of the paintings too. You can use a chair or lie down on a sofa, relax and enjoy the art.

The last part of the exhibition is a room where you can draw or sketch. The tutorials on how to draw are being projected there. I had a lot of fun in this part and brought home some sketches of mine.

At the very end there was also a possibility of buying some cool souvenirs. Of course with Gogh's paintings on top of them.


I found it very cool and appreciated the fact that we could lie down and just watch the art and not struggle with going around and standing for hours like in normal museums. What I didn't like was the fact that there was no real drawing from Van Gogh. Even a single drawing would be a nice touch.


You can check if the exhibition or a other live exhibition is in your city by simply searching on google. E.g. or

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